What does Transmmission offer you?

What does Transmmission offer you?


Advice from other business families, life stories and reports are all useful.   Comparison always benefits us, but not everything is applicable to our case.   Family businesses should be studied, structured and resolved on a ONE by ONE basis so that by building on trust and communication the shared dream can be realized.   The family business model that suits the lifestyle of this family and all the people that make it up should make the realization of their shared dream possible.









Family stability and the shared business dream


• Professionalization and continuity of the values that made the company possible

• The value of recuperating the spirit in which the company was founded and has evolved

• Personal commitment and that of others to preserve the legacy

• Capacity for the best decision-making and management, seeking the best professionals from inside or outside the family

• Acceptance of social responsibility to create value and prosperity

Trusting in the chosen model
means trusting the person
that makes it work



To build your own shared dream you need to create the archetype of each business family: a definite representation, a schematic plan of that which depicts all the elements and the functioning structure, set to cover all the needs and turn aspirations into projects.

This includes everything, from all the obvious components like a family tree, to the more subtle, invisible and/or imperceptible aspects of the situation that determine the flow and relationships between all the elements of the machinery. This is especially illuminating in the case of group relationships and their dynamics.

Every person, so every member of the family, has their own individual archetype that they have designed themselves – consciously and voluntarily, from their life objectives in relation to all the micro-environments surrounding them; personal, familiar, professional or friendships – bound up in personal ethics and values.

The business family needs to go beyond the sum of the individual archetypes.   It must design its own, shared by its members. One that is the fruit of the values it contains, but that is able to go outside to seek new ones to adopt. It has to design, agree, trust and commit to it and share it through very clear communication.

Only this way can the family ensure the Transmmission through generations and long-term durability.



“we are up to date”

• General institutional communication for all family shareholders

• Document and archive management

• Communication between members of the business family

• Management of events and meetings

• Communication between equals, discussion and dialogue

The continuous flow of internal communication, as long as it does not become an overdose of information, guarantees transparency and becomes a tool for integration. It is the key to commitment.


• Achievements

• Results of philanthropic activities

Explaining the business results and social activities contributes to underlining the value of the business family and provides credibility and solidity for its activities, reinforcing them in a positive loop.