Business families are characterized by characteristics that are so specific and differential that they make it impossible to say: “once you have seen one, you see all”.

Nothing farther from reality because, in the field of business families, there are as many realities as families and companies. And what it is to know in depth, we could say that once you have known a business family, you have known ONE and only ONE.

Nor would it be true, however, to assert that there are no common traits between them. These are what Transmmission expertise allows you to identify. In all of them key emotional values ​​such as estimation, recognition or feeling of belonging are mixed; and material values ​​such as heritage, succession and the company itself as a productive structure, among many others. What happens is that, within each family group, these constants are conjugated in very different ways, establishing and restoring dynamics that lead to very different organizational, relational and emotional models.

The elements that are combined in the field of the business family are so diverse that they require specific and specialized assessment systems. Business families tend to be characterized by constant self-evaluation and run the risk of losing a global perspective entering into unnecessary phases of risk.

Many business families enter alerts, look at opportunities, ask themselves if the model they are following is the best … but getting a lot of questions without knowing how to look for the answer leads to a loop that makes it difficult to leave. knowing how to look for the answer leads to a loop that makes it difficult to leave.

The business family needs an order and method to analyze their own circumstances and firmly draw the vital / business roadmap.