Recently, the books “Captains of Industry, explained by their children” and “Captains of Commerce, explained by their children” have been published. The edition includes the story of a hundred business families that have played a very important role in the configuration of our productive muscle. The text is a recognition to the entrepreneurial capacity of those generations of entrepreneurs, at the same time as a reflection of what the projects that they have promoted today are, in front of which they find new generations of their families.

With the Capítol Capitans d’Indústria, which takes its name from the thought of Jaume Vicens Vives, the Cercle seeks to bring its associates closer to the direct witness of the two generations, the 20th and the 21st century. A dialogue that allows us to know the origins and trajectories of the companies and, at the same time, serves us to know how to face the challenges of today, in a global and dynamic environment, bearing in mind their status as a family business. That is why the top representatives of both generations participate as speakers.

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