Management Team

Management Team

Xavier Cambra

Founder and President


I am a self-confessed enthusiast for the present and future trajectory of business families. For many years I have been studying, analyzing and understanding the labor with which a group of entrepreneurs have made and are making enterprises, using their own talent to weave a business structure capable of boosting the economy of an area. I have shared many long and agreeable conversations about experience with many of these pioneers.   Understanding these stories of effort, anxiety and success made me decide to focus on this area in my current professional activities. Work as an editor has allowed me to read many interesting stories, but they are often unconnected.   Getting closer to business families has allowed me to discover a narrative thread of experience.   Each business family is a unique case, but they all show emotional essence, challenge, legacy and satisfaction amongst many other constants. This experience has also allowed me to discover that external vision, advice and mentoring by professionals is often at a shortage in this type of business. Experience is one step, but it is not sufficient. I specialized as a Family Business Advisor in the Family Firm Institute (Boston), studied a postgraduate in Family Systems in the Georgetown Family Center (Washington DC). When I graduated in Economic Sciences and when I finished my Master in Business Administration I never imaged that I would work with my brother Raimon, as a business family for business families.   Our beginnings in Transmmission has much in common with the start for many other business families: family, emotion and a common dream that inspires, captivates and helps you to build something that is well done.


  • Born in Barcelona, ​​married with three children
  • Postgraduate in Family Systems, Georgetown Family Center (Washington DC)
  • Certificate in Family Business Advising for Family Firm Institute, (Boston)
  • Master in Business Administration at ESADE (Barcelona)
  • Graduate of Economic Sciences, Barcelona University
  • General Secretary of the Private Foundation for Business People FemCat (2005- 2015).
  • Secretary and Spokesman for the Board of Directors of FC Barcelona (2003-2008)
  • Secretary General of the Círculo de Economía (1990-1996)
  • Member of the Management Board of the Enciclopedia Catalana, first publishing group in the Catalan language (since 2014)
  • Founder of Mobil Books, publishing house specialized in the elaboration and coordination of editorial projects for companies and institutions (since 1998)·
  • Editor of the books “Captains of Industry” (2013) and “Captains of Commerce” (2015) and “Pocket Multinationals” (2017), telling the story of 150 Catalan business families
  • Founder and President of the Management Board Transmmission
  • Since 2011 he is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Fundació Enciclopèdia Catalana and since 2018 he is President of the same and of the Enciclopèdia Catalana Group, the main publishing group in the catalan language


Raimon Cambra

Senior Advisor

It is difficult to say what most attracts me most, if it is the business families or the wish to bring my professional experience to others.

It is certain that after more than 30 years in management positions in small, medium and large companies I feel very much at home working with business families.

All ways of working for business families are valid, however, my professional and personal experience has shown me that every model has something to learn from the others.

I am very familiar with the strength that pragmatism, order, methodology, good management, having everything in order and anticipating events brings. These values are often the simple solution to extremely complex situations. Working with business families means working with emotions, putting yourself in the place of the other and practicing empathy as a base and this is the pattern of teamwork that I believe in.

I totally agree with the entrepreneurship component in the family context, working to find the key for each one of its members, and ensuring that the necessary shake-up that it brings will be transformed into tranquility to design, trace and guarantee the path into the future.

If somebody had told me some time ago that I would form part of a small family business, forming a team and supporting other business families, I would not have believed them. However, it is true that life’s turns have brought me to this point in my professional life and I am living this experience with a true passion; this I consider to be a great privilege.


  • Born in Barcelona, ​​married with two children
  • Graduated in Business Sciences and MBA at ESADE (Barcelona)
  • Advisor on Management Boards and Strategic Consultant in various companies
  • Has occupied management posts in companies such as: Apli Paper, Starlux, Unilever, Agrolimen y Lista.
  • Has been a member of the management group of companies Direcziona and member of the consulting company specialized in Lean Management, Crealor, now Actio Consulting.