Elisabet Freixa

Facilitator - coach

Born in Sant Joan de les Abadesses, residing in Vic and Chicago. He is married and has two children.

He is a consultant in organizational development and executive coach and staff. His professional career has been in the management of the people’s department and consulting in HR management, with extensive experience in family businesses.

He has a degree in Philosophy and Letters (Pedagogy), a Master in HR Management for EADA and Certified in Coaching for the ICF. Practitioner in NLP and Systematic and Humanistic methodology at Pinea3. At the moment it accompanies the organizations in the processes of transformation, alignment of vision and values, of strategic reflection and of implantation of changes. It tracks teams and people to increase commitment, flexibility, creativity, cohesion and achieve change. It works from a paradigm of conscious leadership and a sustainable vision in the world.

Jose Luís Nuñez

Facilitator - Coach

Jose Luis Núñez Barber is currently Organizational Development Consultant, Mentor and Certified Professional Coach CPCC-CTI (The Coaches Training Institute), ORSC-CRR Team Coach and Mediator in Resolution of Conflict (CICAC).

As Coach is also certified in PCC-ICF (Professional Certified Coach-International Coaching Federation). In its activity as a coach, it provides more than 1,000 hours of coaching to entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, executives and executives in family and multinational companies.

His experience in coaching processes focuses on the development of leadership, emotional intelligence, conflict management, team management, change management, relationships and communication between people and career transition. Share this activity with the strategic consulting and organization, mentoring and training. He also acts as a mediator of conflicts in the commercial and civil field. He holds a BA in ADE and MBA from ESADE (1977-82), and has more than 25 years of experience in the areas of marketing, sales and general management in companies both familiar and multinational.

És Llicenciat en ADE i MBA per ESADE (1977-82), i compta amb més de 25 anys d’experiència en les àrees de màrqueting, vendes i direcció general en empreses d’entorn tant familiar com multinacional.

Xavier Carbonell

Specialized consultant on Family Social Responsibility (RSF).

He worked as an auditor and financial consultant during the period 1988/1998. In 1998, he joined the organization of the family company MANGO, where he worked until 2014 as the director of Corporate Responsibility of the Group.

In October 2014 he joined ESCI-UPF as an academic coordinator and director of the MANGO Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility. He specializes in Corporate Social Responsibility and Audit, subjects taught at ESCI-UPF, as well as in other masters and seminars.